I will miss you, I will yearn for you.

I am missing you。宸倖匆頁燕繍栖扮徽喘be doing 嬬斑繁蛍音賠嶬攣鯲汗苅奐紗衽蛋賑荊。

将械壓哂猟梧爆嶄油欺^厘訥磧隠I miss you so much. i miss you very much.泌惚紗倖^氏 ̄議三椎祥頁I will miss you,泌惚壓朔中紗倖very much悳湖状嗤泣融悖珊頁傍 I will miss you more(than now) 挫

I will miss you.

I will miss you.

You have a good job, I'll think of you.

I will be gone! Take care everyone, I will miss you! I am leaving now, and take good care of your health, I bear you in mind!

促貧嗤屎鳩基宛徽低辛參卵廬議燕器葎^You may be out of my sight, but never out of my mind ̄込込錬李辛參逸廁低。

Darling, I am going to miss you. Darling, I will miss you. Honey,I am going to miss you. Honey, I will miss you.

厘氏訥齋咎撹哂猟頁I will miss you杏 "I will miss you" ★ "偲しくなります" "I miss you" ★ "あなたに氏いたいです"

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