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我会想你的 亲爱的 用英文怎么说?

Dear, goodbye, I will miss you

my dear,please take care of yourself instead of me ,I will miss you

Honey, I can not accompany you, you must be happy! Take good care of yourself, I will miss you!

Darling,when you're not near,I'll miss you

Goodbye my darling; I will miss you.

我亲爱的手机你走好,我会想你的 英文:My dear mobile phone you go well, I will miss you。

Dear, you went to the military training. I will wait for your back, I will miss you!

亲爱的 会的 但我不会想你〔偷笑 坏笑〕_才怪 〔飞吻 飞吻 飞吻〕

사랑하는보배 내가꼭생각하고 있을거다

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