many of my students

回答和翻译如下: 那有很多学生我也在其中。 There are a lot of students, and I'm in it too.

你好,翻译是: for a good many of students for a lot of students for lots of students for many students for numerous students 祝你开心 望采纳谢谢

there are many/ a lot of / lots of/ students in our school.

Many students in our class like singing very much.

There're many students in our school. Are there many .......? There aren't any student in our school

许多其他的学生 Many other students

这是很多学生都存在的问题 This is a lot of problems existing in the students

手机越来越普遍了并且很多学生都拥有手机的英文翻译翻译 Mobile phones are becoming more and more common and many students have mobile phones. [原文]手机越来越普遍了并且很多学生都拥有手机

many students /a lot of students

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