按正确的顺序 In the right order; In the correct order; [例句]您希望可以假设用户将按正确的顺序执行任务,但这显然是不可能的。 You want to assume that the user will execute tasks in the right order, but you can't.

according to priority in sequence in order

按顺序_百度翻译 [词典] according to priority; According to the order of... in the order of [例句] 按顺序给他们编号。 Number them in sequence.

According to the order of.....,亲,记得给采纳,谢谢

sort in the order as follows

In alphabetical order. [ɪn] [alfəˈbɛtɪk(ə)l] [ˈɔːdə] alphabetical 英 [alfəˈbɛtɪk(ə)l]美 [ˌælfəˈbɛdək(ə)l] adj. (与)...

please help to arrange for shipment according to the order date of booking.

按照 顺序 In order order 英[ˈɔ:də(r)] 美[ˈɔ:rdə(r)] n. 秩序; 命令; 次序; 规则,制度; vt. 命令; 订购; 整理; vi. 下订单; [例句]Most schools are extremely unwilling to cut down on staff in order to cu...

in order


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