if you trust yourself ,then you must can

I believe you can do it.(can,可以) I believe you will succeed.(will,绝对) 以上两个是“〔我〕相信你一定可以成功的” Believe that you can do it. Believe that you will succeed. 这两个是“〔你要〕相信你〔自己〕一定可以成功的”

I believe in you, you can do it!

楼主你好!由于这句话没有语境,所以不同的语气就会有不同的理解和暗示。 (1)你觉得我会相信吗?(暗示:我怎么可能相信这样的无稽之谈呢?) 译文:Do you think I'd believe it? 其实,语气中已经隐含了这样的信息:Don't expect me to beli...

I believe that you can do it! I believe you can! I think you can make it! 很灵活的,呵呵,不知道可否说一下您的context(语境)?

believe you as with myself,thus hope you can do as what I do. miracle will happen when belief come true.

I believe you can learn it well that If you are interested in Chinese and perseverance.用that的从句。 自己翻译的哦

I believe you'll be totally succeessful. I'm sure you can make it. I believe you will succeed.

我相信你能做到 I believe you can do it I believe that you'll make it I am sure you can do it

Unless you are lazy, you will certainly learn English well. Keep it up, and you will make it, I believe.

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