in order

按正确的顺序 In the right order; In the correct order; [例句]您希望可以假设用户将按正确的顺序执行任务,但这显然是不可能的。 You want to assume that the user will execute tasks in the right order, but you can't.

According to the order of.....,亲,记得给采纳,谢谢

in order

英语是:Arranged in alphabetical order. 句子解释: arrange 英[əˈreɪndʒ] 美[əˈrendʒ] vt. 整理; 把…(系统地)分类; 改编(剧本等); 达成…的协议; vi. (就某事与某人) 达成协议,(与某人)商定(某...

Put these sentences in order


按照 顺序 In order order 英[ˈɔ:də(r)] 美[ˈɔ:rdə(r)] n. 秩序; 命令; 次序; 规则,制度; vt. 命令; 订购; 整理; vi. 下订单; [例句]Most schools are extremely unwilling to cut down on staff in order to cu...

sort in the order as follows

事情按时间顺序发展 Things in chronological order Things happen in an order according to the time. Things develop in order.

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